About Boutique89

Before the rise of present day shopping malls, around the late 80s, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex in south Kolkata was the only one-of-its-kind with its sprawling and open air expanse. It was very popular among a certain section of shoppers in the city.

Around that time, Nabendu and Bandana purchased a small shop in Dakshinapan with an objective of selling simple baby frocks with unique designs. Within no time, the distinctiveness of the designs, with an emphasis on sailor-collars, embroideries and applique work, caught the attention of many. Before long, Boutique89 was blessed with a steady base of customers.

The legacy of the boutique thus expanded over the years, passing itself on to the next generation where Ria and Hirak preserve the bandwagon today. The new generation duo succeeded in making Boutique89 into a people’s business, where they involve their small team of people in every major or small decisions of the business: from product and design selection, to discussing pay raise. Since inception, the suppliers and the boutique’s team have remained integral to the success of Boutique89. One of the major aims of this business is to source locally manufactured products, empowering small businesses to flourish. The other USP of this family business is fair pricing, offering value to its steady flow of loyal customers and contributing to a sustainable development.

Looking ahead, Boutique89 dreams of carrying this legacy forward and expanding its horizons beyond boundaries, in the years to follow. Boutique89.in is an e-commerce portal dedicated to envisage their boutique’s brighter future.

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